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If you’re the victim of an accident, it’s your right and entitlement to claim for a fair compensation in order to cover the damages as a result of third party negligence. We understand when an accident occurs, it creates a high-pressure situation and for that reason, we are aware of how important it is to receive assistance which is both highly effective and stress free.

There are a great many ways a person can become injured. For example, if you or a loved one has suffered from a blow to the head, we know from experience exactly which procedure to follow according to the facts you’ve provided. A simple analysis can detect the limitations and scope of a particular legal dispute. We can guide you through the process and evaluate the importance of other legal actors in your favor, in order to determine which specialized legal assistant is best matched for your case. Our main interest is fairness and justice for Australian citizens.

If you’re involved in a road accident that involves another person and their car, you may be able to claim back for damages and personal injuries (If the accident wasn’t your fault). We know what documents are indispensable when appealing a case before a court of law. In these situations professional experience is an advantage and will avoid empty spaces in the list of requirements that for the court are of vital importance.

What is the procedure to follow after you’ve been attacked by your neighbor’s dog? You will have the possibility to sue for personal injuries/damages against the canine’s owner. It’s important to make sure this will not happen again to you or anyone else. Any decisions for an appeal are based on solid evidence, that is why we offer you the assistance needed to prepare for various essential details before even considering to bring your case before a judge.

Each case is different and the procedure to follow is not the same for everyone. That’s why we study every detail of your case, putting together a strong and argued defense that benefits you and enforces your rights. You can claim for medical expenses, loss of support, losses resulting from the inability to work, compensation for trauma and pain, compensation for material damages, loss of earnings that affect a whole family and more. 

We always advise acting quickly, since the claims have a time limit to be evaluated. We are available to receive your call and advise you in a helpful and informative way. Your case is important for us and we will work as a team in order to win your case with the dignity you deserve.

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