Slip & Fall Claims NSW

What to do with your insurance if you experience a slip or fall resulting in an injury to your head

A slip or fall accident can happen to anyone. More often than not, a slip or fall can result in severe injuries to the head. Alarm bells start ringing when the brain is involved. It potentially can be very dangerous and the accident response awareness needs to be swift if the subject makes a promising recovery. There are some accidents where an injury has occurred to the skull, yet appears to be anything but dangerous. However, inside the skull, internal damages may be lurking undetected beneath the surface resulting in adverse behavior as the days continue. Such injuries can happen and are not as uncommon as you might think; If you’re riding a new bike in a potentially hazardous area, or if you’re in a hurry and you decide to run through a public area without having considered that the floor was only just mopped clean.  Suddenly, you take a tumble and thump your head. So long as there is no apparent oozing of blood, you believe you will be just fine. 

The consequences of a head injury usually come later. The risks are huge and could have severe medical implications, such as; a partial loss of one’s senses, or a loss of mobility. You may even show symptoms of cognitive impairment. Worst case scenario, you become a paraplegic. 

When a person becomes severely injured, the designated insurance provider has to cover the medical expenses as stated within the terms of agreement. There are some cases where the chosen insurance provider has not fulfilled their terms of agreement, or perhaps the client misunderstood their mentioned terms & conditions. In such cases the subject would still have a fighting chance when claiming for their rights.

It’s very important to remember that when a slip or fall does occur, the insurance provider are never obliged to cover all expenses associated with the accident. So, being properly informed on what your insurance provider is obliged to cover (depending on the accident) will be a timely advantage when making a claim within a court of law. 

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