Brain injury is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The brain is one of the most important organs found within the human body.
Perfect design of neurological connections allows human beings to be seemingly intelligent in creating social constructs and complex systems.

The patient will need to consult a doctor where an brain injury has occurred, especially when the patient is not certain in the degree of how damage or injury has occurred. In the beginning, the symptoms are not easily detected and may not yet be felt by the patient.

There exist some cases in where a person who has experienced a head injury, may lose sight from one of their eyes (eye blinded) or have problems with coordination, heightened emotion, or any other abnormal behavioral traits which are notably unusual relative to the individual experiencing them. By each passing day, the symptoms would become increasingly worse. If the insurance company isn’t quick to approve hospital treatment, the patient would be at risk of losing their basic cognitive function, or even their life.

What to do?

If you have suffered a brain injury it’s imperative you seek medical assistance immediately. How slowly or quickly you decide to act upon your injury will be the deciding factor for your future health. The medical examinations and head scans performed by a doctor take precious time and require patience.

The possibility of losing your work, money, relations, and vitality are not to be taken lightly. This is usually the case where the insurance company helps shoulder the responsibility. Whether they lawfully provide assistance for you depends on the activity you were performing at the time of when the incident/accident occurred. The insurance could offer inadequate covering; so prior caution to the possibility of a legal dispute over eligible insurance cover is stress no one needs.

What is Medical evidence?

Diagnosis and medical evidence are crucial in these situations. The final verdict will largely be influenced by how much impact the accident has on the patient’s life and well being. The Australian law doesn’t want their citizens to be unprotected by the mental, physical and economical afflictions brought about by accidental damage to the brain. It’s the mark of a civilized society to support and encourage those who’ve been unfortunate to have been involved in such circumstances.

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If you feel that your insurance company has not been fair to you or your family, you can count on the law for helping you with your claim. In some cases, the liable party may be obligated to settle the claim before a court hearing. You can decide if you want to accept the settlement or continue for additional, yet rightful legal claims. The judge may ask you to testify before the court of law and provide evidential proof the accident has/will affect your daily activities; loss of life quality, loss of employment, loss of finances as a result of the accidental injury.

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