TBI can be difficult to detect and if not detected quickly, TBI can become lethal

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is dangerous and might start aggravating hours later after the accident has happened. An injury which involves the head (brain) must always be taken seriously. Some internal injuries to the skull have no immediate effect. The risks associated with TBI can have life-threatening implications without the right medical assistance.

TBI cases can happen anywhere at any time so it’s important to have basic first aid training. If a paramedic cannot arrive at the scene of the accident quickly, the risk of permanent damage to the brain is much higher. Insurance companies will also advise a specific set of actions in the event of a TBI, to minimize damage to the brain.

TBI is most common in car accidents. During a car crash, the brain is subjected to centrifugal forces. This is where the brain is violently bounced around inside the skull. The brain suffers from a concussion, severe internal bleeding and possibly even a fractured skull.

Symptoms of mild traumatic brain

Symptoms of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

From the table above show that the accident has caused a negative impact on your daily life and financial stability. Its strongly advised seeking professional legal assistance specialized in accident claims as well as the lawyer who can provide victims with the best set of actions to handle such proceedings. 

In order to receive compensation, lawyers will demand the provision of empirical evidence. There are many variables needed to be taken into consideration that will potentially change the course of the claim. So a specialized legal adviser is strongly advised. TBI cases are by their nature need to be handled delicately and can cost a great deal of time and money.

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