Road Accident​ Claims

Health & Safety protocols are enforced regularly to reflect the importance of cooperative responsibility for road accident.​

Australia requires that pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers (Car, motorcycle) all take road safety very seriously. Have you recently been injured in a road accident?

Material loss and injuries are two of the most common disputes after a road accidents. After which you’ll have the possibility to claim for subsidies that will hopefully cover medical expenses and damages to private materials. The vast majority of claims for road accident are studied and defined in court, this is why you will need professional legal assistance. To define your eligibility for compensation the judge will consider these points:

  • The amount of money you’re asking for?
  • How does the injury affect your earnings and your daily life?
  • In which circumstances did the road accident develop?
  • Why are you denouncing someone else’s negligence?

We understand when an road accident occurs it creates a high-pressure situation.  However, when case for a claim is being made, the judge requires that you provide substantial evidence. So, it’s important to take as much photographic evidence of the road accident as possible, including damages to private property, the cars involved in the accident and of course the injuries you and passenger (if any) have suffered.

You can claim for:

In order to claim from the responsible party (1)

Your insurer must also be sure about what really happened. They will study your case, but before commencing with the investigation you will need to complete an injury form. Once completed, your insurer will determine who is to blame for the road accident. If the claimer does not have enough evidence to support the accident was not their fault, the claim will be declined by their lawyers, in order to avoid losing money and time in a lawsuit where there is no possibility of proving to be effective.

What documents do you need for claiming?

  1. Economic support documents
  2. Loss of earnings report
  3. Medical expenses documents
  4. Police report
  5. Estimates of costs of future medical treatment
  6. Report of the insurer
You should keep in mind that your claim can lose weight and reduce the amount of money you request if you didn’t take into account security protocols at the time of the road accident.

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