Third-party Accident Claims

It's important to understand what third party accident means in an accident claim. The procedure has its own variants and it’s necessary to have the right assistance to run any third-party claim

It is important to note that as a third party accident, you are NOT eligible to claim directly from the responsible party’s insurer. Instead, you should make a direct claim from the responsible party, who will in turn hand over any correspondence and legal documents to his/her insurer. If that person/business is not insured then you will be claiming directly from their assets. If their assets do not cover your expenses or losses, then your claim will probably not be successful.

If you’re are involved in an accident as a third party, you are not able to claim directly to the insurance that covers the responsible. The right procedure is to claim directly from the other person involved. If for some reason this person or business is not insured, you will claim against their assets. If the person involved doesn’t have enough to cover the penalty you will probably lose the claim, because the process is not fair economically speaking. The importance of the insurer is stipulated in the insurance policy.third party accident

What is a third party?

When we talk about third party’s, we are referring to a group or a person who are directly involved in the situation. When you need the assistance of third party insurance, they will cover the damage for the other vehicle and any passengers involved. In these cases having a contract with any insurance provider will save you money and time.

Thinking about running a claim?

If you’re involved in a road accident that involves another person and his/her car, you may claim back for damages and personal injuries. Be sure to take care of all the necessary documents and evidence needed for your testimonial. You have to prove the event has caused negative consequences for you.

You can claim for medical expenses, loss of support, losses resulting from the inability to work, compensation for trauma and pain, compensation for material damages and loss of earnings that affect a whole family.

For some processes, you will need other documents if considered as special cases. Professional assistance is always very helpful in any case.

In NSW, there are many reports of third-party claims and not every time is easy to define whose part is responsible for the current accident. That’s why legal assistance would be the best decision to make because you have to care about the laws and how the insurance operates in your case.

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