Dog bite could be a funny story to tell with your friends.
But what happens if a dog bite is the cause for health issues or even death?

Insurance companies are prepared for any causality. Every situation is different and the procedure can vary depending on the facts available. During the case of a ‘Dog Bite’, it’s strongly advised you assess the animal’s origins. It’s going to be a very different situation (medically speaking) when a dog from the street has bitten you when compared to a bite from a domestic pet. Stray’s (street dogs) are less likely to be vetted and may host a variety of life-threatening diseases.

If you have been bitten by a stray dog, it’s imperative evidence is provided upon request. Photographs and testimonies are crucial for the court if you’re appealing or claiming for insurance settlements.

First of all, it’s extremely important NOT to assume the condition of your injury. In fact, it’s best to assume the worst case scenario in order to be Safe than Sorry. When a dog bite has occurred, victims won’t necessarily be aware of any infection or disease that could have potentially been transferred over to them from the bite. The wound becomes infected within minutes if not seconds after the bite has occurred. Without the correct application of first aid, the severity of the infection will rapidly spread depending on the depth of the wound and the health of the animal responsible. If the wound is deep enough, the blood in all probability will become infected. No immediate sensations or symptoms will be felt, but in time if the wound is left untreated, the consequences could be fatal for your general health and in some cases a bite which is left untreated from a wild or stray animal can even lead to death.

Claiming compensation for a dog bite is not an easy process; such cases are governed by civil laws, federal laws, state laws and a whole list of other legal terms you need to know. It’s important to have professional legal assistance during these cases. An experienced lawyer can analyze the situation and offer you the best case scenario.

What happens if my dog bite or hurt somebody else?

It’s important to know that if your dog has been kept vetted and vaccinated against all potential diseases and contagions, the dog needn’t be separated from you. However, you have to take into consideration the nature of the claim made against your dog. It could simply be a very unfortunate accident where your dog will require extra training, care, and due diligence. In NSW, the ‘One Free Bite’ law is important for those who have experienced a dog bite for the very first time. 

What you can do to mitigate potential damages by dog bites?

If you want to prove that your life and integrity were affected by the dog, you might have photographs of the dog bite – dog and also your injuries, a description of the event, medical documents that detail the result of all the studies, a report indicating that you lose money and the accident doesn’t let you work at a hundred percent, witness statements describing the situation and finally a record of the hour and day of the event. It’s crucial to have a lawyer that can assist you through all the case.

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